Other Writing

Creative Nonfiction

Here’s something I wrote about family tropes and stolen identities on The Rumpus.

I wrote this about being a stepfather in The Walrus.

Here’s something about burial space in Vancouver in The Missing Slate.


I wrote about literary tragics in Hong Kong in The Rusty Toque.

I wrote a ghost story in Cosmonauts Avenue.


A review of Matthew Polly’s book on Bruce Lee in The Times Literary Supplement.

A piece about the housing crisis and a man’s death in a coffee shop in The Guardian.

Here’s a piece about Canadian whisky in The Walrus.

Here’s a piece modern Chinese food in The Walrus.

A profile on Mark Brand and gentrification in Eighteen Bridges.

Here’s an essay about visiting Hong Kong and all my baggage in the San Francisco Chronicle.

I ate a lot of Cantonese food in Guangzhou and wrote about it for En Route.


I blogged about fonts for the National Post.

A writing prompt on Prism International.

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